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How to start conversation with unknown girl on instagram

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Starting a conversation with an unknown girl on Instagram requires a blend of politeness, respect, and genuine interest. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you initiate a conversation effectively:

  1. Follow Her Account: Before sending a message, follow her account if it’s public. This shows you have an interest in her content.
  2. Like and Comment: Engage with her posts by liking and leaving thoughtful comments. Avoid generic compliments; instead, comment on something specific about the post that caught your attention.
  3. Check Her Bio and Posts: Learn a bit about her interests, hobbies, and personality from her bio and posts. This will give you a good idea of what to talk about.
  4. Send a Polite and Thoughtful DM: When you feel it’s the right time, send a direct message. Make sure it’s polite, respectful, and non-intrusive. Here are some example openers:
  • Compliment and Question: “Hi [Her Name], I came across your profile and noticed your amazing travel photos. Do you have any tips for someone planning their first trip to [destination]?”
  • Shared Interest: “Hey [Her Name], I see you’re into [hobby/interest]. I’ve been into it for a while too! What’s your favorite thing about it?”
  • Genuine Curiosity: “Hi [Her Name], I love the way you styled your recent post. Do you have any fashion tips for someone looking to refresh their wardrobe?”
  1. Respect Her Response Time: Don’t rush her to reply. Everyone has different schedules and priorities. If she doesn’t respond immediately, be patient.
  2. Be Authentic and Respectful: Keep the conversation light and authentic. Avoid heavy topics initially and focus on building a rapport.
  3. Know When to Step Back: If she doesn’t respond after a couple of messages or seems uninterested, respect her space and don’t push further.

Example Conversation Starters

  1. Travel Enthusiast: “Hi [Her Name], I noticed you’ve been to some amazing places! What’s been your favorite travel destination so far?”
  2. Fitness Buff: “Hey [Her Name], your fitness posts are really inspiring. Do you have any beginner tips for someone trying to get into a healthier lifestyle?”
  3. Art Lover: “Hi [Her Name], I really admire your artwork. What inspired you to start creating?”

Remember, the key is to be respectful, genuine, and patient. Good luck!

21 Jun 2024

How to start conversation with unknown girl on instagram

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